Get Limber!

Today’s goal: Get limber!  According to the magazine Self supplement I’m following, stretching can “help you get better results from exercise, feel sprightier, even sleep better.”  I’m absolutely terrible at stretching – I bounce around, doing quick, simple stretches, stopping as soon I start to feel a bit of pain.  H usually tells me I’m not doing it right, but to be honest, it’s boring.  Since it’s the first day of the plan, I’ll do it… but I don’t have to enjoy it!

The book suggests using a wall for resistance stretching.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of empty walls around here – there’s furniture, low windows, or something in the way of every possible area.  Instead, I found a stretching routine from that looks like something I can do in my home.  I’ll let you follow the link for descriptions of each stretch, but here’s a the routine in pictures!

Active Pigeon


Modified Cobra

Hamstring Stretch Series

Split Squat



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