More Workout Motivation

I stepped on the scale today, ready to be impressed with results from my recent hours of working out.  I was shocked to see that my weight had gone UP a pound since our exercise program began.  That’s FIVE pounds heavier than when I got married three months ago. I couldn’t believe it, so I moved the scale.  (It gives different results based on where it sits in our bathroom.)  And then it promptly went up another five pounds.  Vomit.  Not really, but oh my.  This is not good.

Apparently, I’ll eventually need to add eating into the program as well!  I have two setbacks: sweets and portion control.  I never went on an official diet before the wedding, but just the knowledge that it was looming was enough to help me put the cookie DOWN.

Sticking to the exercise plan will be enough for me for now.  I think adding too many components at once has been my demise in the past.  I’ll keep up with my workouts, and then when I’ve been successful for a while, I can add in a diet if needed.  For now, I’ll just remember how well the words “put down the cookie” actually work!


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