Happy New Year!!

The new year has been going beautifully so far!  We kicked off 2010 with a party with my husband’s old college roommates and their wives.  They’re great people, and it was an overall good experience.  I was designated driver that night, so I stuck to one drink.  At times, when I do this, I end up having a bum time because I’m not a socialite.  Being around people that I’m not great friends with makes me nervous, and having a couple of drinks can break the ice.  I was excited that the evening went so well, even with no drinks!

My “day of the week” idea has been going well also.  Our schedule has been nutty as we were up north for the weekend, but I think it’ll keep me inspired.  On Thoroughly Cleaned Thursday, I spent hours in the kitchen organizing cupboards, clearing out and wiping up the fridge, washing the floor, counters, cupboards, etc.  My wonderful husband even moved a small television from basement storage to the top of the fridge for me.  It seems like doing chores isn’t so terrible when Rachel Ray is keeping you comfortable.  Friendly Friday was another success – we bonded with H’s extended family all weekend long!  Sewing Saturday was productive, though it actually happened on the drive up north on Friday.  I had sewn a shoulder bag last winter for carrying knitting supplies.  I think I’m over my knitting phase, but the bag will still work for library books, farmer’s market goodies, and all of that good stuff.  For the four hour car drive, I brought floss, needles, and a hoop, and finished embroidering a bird and swirly vine design around the edges of one side.  I like the addition.

Embroidered Bag

Close-up of Bag

Today’s Scrumptious Sunday wasn’t so scrumptious – after a weekend of gouging on all types of junk food, Cheerios with blueberries hit the spot for me!  H had leftovers and made himself a sandwich, as he’s NOT a cereal for dinner kind of a man.  I’ll have to work on menus and what not, but after thank you notes, checkbook balancing, and showering for the first time in three days, I’m ready to hit the hay.


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