Grocery Shopping Made Easy

I’ve re-discovered a shopping tool that’s made my life quite a bit easier!    I’m not sure why I stopped using this in the first place, but I am certainly glad I found it once again.

Lately, I’ve been fed up with going to the grocery store, list in hand, and walking up and down each aisle, only to trek back countless times because I forgot the peanut butter, and the rice, and the yogurt.  Using an organized list template helps me categorize my list so that instead of looping around and around and around, I can streamline.  I get all of the frozen foods at once, all of the breakfast foods at once, etc.  It saves quite a bit of time!

This Week's Grocery List

I have been printing a few of these at a time and clipping a stack of them to the fridge.  When we need something, we write it in – no differently than we would have before I “remembered” this system.  The hardest part now is remembering to bring the list to the store…

Customizable Grocery List

Grocery List – PDF


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