Christmas Cards Complete!

Our Christmas cards are all but finished!  They were a piece of cake to address, especially compared to addressing our wedding invitations earlier this year.  I’ll drop all of the cards off at the mailbox in front of school tomorrow morning.  They’ll be out of our hands and into the hands of our friends and family.  Phew!

I’ve also decided to add another goal to my “active” list.  I’m doing pretty well at my first three categories (friends, cooking, relationship), so I thought I’d try to make it a bit more of a challenge (and believe me, it will be a challenge!).  I’ll be working on goal number four — be confident in my appearance.  This is a really, really broad goal.  Perhaps too broad.  It encompasses healthy eating, exercise, hair and makeup, clothing… and I’m taking it on.  I went to a Mary Kay party this afternoon, and it felt so great to take the time to do my makeup for once.  I typically wear little to nothing on my face, and lately when I look in the mirror I’m disappointed.  Today was the first time in a while that I felt pleased when I saw my reflection.  There’s a good motivator!  Now, if I could only feel that motivated about eating, exercise, and clothes…


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