Snow Day!

I spontaneously started writing Christmas cards today.  We weren’t even really planning on sending them out, but thanks to a snow day, I had plenty of time on my hands!  I began writing one or two, and it ended up being a decent sized pile.  We’ve written cards for my aunts/uncles/grandparents, some of the husband’s aunts/uncles/grandparents (still working on this one), and all of our close friends.  The addresses are next, and I think that those will be more of a hassle than the cards were!  The cards actually weren’t so bad, especially because after a while I switched from cards with blank insides (lots of space to fill) to cards that had a little “Merry Christmas” blip inside.  Our addresses are already pulled together in one tidy spreadsheet from the wedding, so I think I’ll just take some time this weekend to compile one for Christmas cards.  It’ll be good to get them our of our hands and into the mailboxes of our friends and families!


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