I’m a Bridesmaid!!

Remember the dear friend who I accidentally stood up yesterday?  After chatting on the phone, I found out that number one, she was not upset about missing each other yesterday (actually, semi-relieved since she was worn our from wedding dress shopping all weekend).  I also found out that she wants me to be a BRIDESMAID!  I’m so excited.  She was in our wedding about two months ago, but she has four sisters and many close friends, so I thought that I would probably be a guest but not standing up.  I am so thrilled that I get to be a part of the wedding.  I am also glad that this time I get to be a bystander instead of main stage!  Our wedding was amazing, but boy am I glad that the work and attention are over.  It was a lot to handle!

This is wedding #2 that I’ll be in during 2010.  The other is the wedding of my husband’s college roommate.  My husband is standing up as well, and I’m both excited and nervous for that one.  I’m glad that DH will be there with me.  I’m not particularly close with the bride, and from the e-mails she sent out it looks like a large bridal party (I know one other bridesmaid).  (It appears that there are nine bridesmaids… but that can’t possibly be right, can it?)  Even so, I think that between the bride and groom, most of the groomsmen, and my husband, I’ll be ready to rock my socks (or nylons) off.


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