A Success and A Failure

Today was a wonderful day… except for one monumental failure.

My good friend Anne lives about two hours away from my town.  I see her rarely, and I’m ashamed to say I’ve never even visited her.  The city I live in is on the way to her hometown, so we frequently meet up when she’s on the way to or from there.  Today I was supposed to have coffee with her on her way back home, and I completely missed the call, and didn’t realize it until hours later.  I feel just awful.  I didn’t even remember that she was passing through until I saw her missed call on my cell phone.  She’s been engaged for a month and I haven’t seen her since.  She was my dearest friend in college, and we roomed together for years.  I can’t believe I’ve let our friendship go so downhill.  I made a “phone date” with her for tomorrow, so at least we’ll get to chat, but it’s just not the same as it used to be.

On a more positive note, I had a successful day in the kitchen.  For about six months, our cupboard space has been hogged by a gigantic can of tuna… and I do mean gigantic.  It weighs just over four pounds.  I’d been hesitant to open it, as I never had the desire to eat that much tuna in one sitting, and never really came up with a plan of how to use it all.  I finally researched some recipes, and this week we’ll be tuna-ed up to the brim, because here are some of our menu items this week:

Tuna Salad Sandwiches (already made — I tasted a pinch and it was GOOD)
Tuna Noodle Casserole (I plan to freeze this right away and eat another week)
Cold Pasta and Tuna Salad

I think it will be a long time before I’m ready for tuna again.  Or mayonnaise, for that matter.

I also made absolutely delicious soft pretzels and cheese sauce.  A-MA-ZING, and hubby agreed.  He usually enjoys the food we eat (or at least is kind enough to say that he does), but very rarely do we both like the same thing.  Typically, our meals are summarized by, “This was good, but next time we should add more…”  Not this snack.  Perfection, as long as it was warm.

Last week’s lasagna dinner was a hit.  It was a great recipe, though I added extra meat for my carnivore husband, and it actually was the worse for it.  His exact words, were “It was good, but it needed more sauce, noodles, and cheese.”  Or… less meat.  Still, all keeper recipes.  I really liked the Caesar salad dressing, but it wasn’t a huge hit with everyone in the house.  DH ate it, but the next day when we were ready for salad round two, he decided to go with bottle dressing instead of leftover Caesar.

A tall, tall pile of dishes awaits me.  Is it wrong to leave them until morning?  And in the morning, decide to do them after work?  *sigh*  I suppose I should at least go rinse them before they cement themselves together.


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