Focused Goals

I think I have too many goals going on at once!  I’ve been thinking about them quite a bit (okay, well, some), and I think I need to keep all of them, but narrow in on a few.  I think I’ll start by picking my favorite.  Is that wrong?  It seems like maybe I should start on my weakest areas, but to be honest, I think I’ll have more success if I begin with something I know I can better myself in, or at least take some measurable steps, and then go from there.  I’ll be focusing on the following:

1)  Be a proficient chef, cook, and all around kitchen-goddess
3)  Continuously better our marriage
10)  Act like a friend to those I already have (and maybe make a few in the process!)
The first goal is achievable.  I’m doing well, especially when compared to about a year ago today.  I was a total disaster.  Though I am still not fantastic and have as many mediocre meals as delicious ones, I think I have the potential to make the majority of my meals successes.  This goal also encompasses baking, but only for selfish reasons – DH is not a sweet tooth, unfortunately, so that leaves me to eat a LOT of desserts on my own.  Not so good for the “proud in a swimming suit” goal!
The second goal that I’m focusing on (#3-marriage) is an easy one right now.  We’re newlyweds, and are loving every minute of it.  I’d like to keep this momentum going, though, so I’m excited to dive into  “Men Are From Mars,” “Love Languages,” and all of the other fun relationship books I can get my hands on.
The final goal that I’ll be concentrating on (#10-friends) is a goal that I really can’t put off.  I’m not great at communication, even to people I enjoy talking to.  It seems like I’d rather clean the house than call my best friend, sometimes, and that’s a sad state.  It shouldn’t be that way, and I think that reconnecting is really necessary for me right now.  If I don’t start working on this goal now, it might be too late!

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