Ongoing Goals

I’ve debated about starting a blog – what could I really contribute that’s not already out there?  As I read other blogs, though, I think I’ve found my niche – myself.  No, I don’t have extraordinary skills — No, I am not the person I want to be — No, I can’t imagine that anyone but myself would ever think about reading this blog — and that’s exactly why I decided I could do this!  This is for myself, not anyone else, and I think it truly something that I could benefit from, if I make a priority.

I began by making a “30 before 30” list, when I realized that many of my goals were superficial, and that I was creating a to do list for the sake of creating a to do list.  I will never, ever “check off” any one of these goals – instead, they’ll be an ongoing process.
I plan to use this blog to organize my life and work toward my dreams.  Each time I act in a way that puts me closer to a goal on my list, I’ll blog about it.  I may change them as I go, but as of now, here are a dozen of my goals!

1)  Make delicious, home-made dinners a non-event

2)  Buy and make quality pieces for our home

3)  Continuously improve our marriage

4)  Be confident in my appearance

5)  Be proficient on the sewing machine

6)  Keep an organized, clean home

7)  Act instead of plan

8)  Keep a healthy household

9)  Be confident in our finances

10)  Be a friend

11)  Give back to the community

12)  Make others feel important


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