Off to a Good Start

It’s Day #1 of my “Best Life” (to steal a phrase from Oprah), and I’m loving every minute of it!  I’m working on making a delicious dinner right now.  Here’s the menu tonight:

World’s Best Lasagna from
Ceasar Salad with homemade dressing from Smitten Kitchen (skip the anchovy!)
Garlic Bread
Triple Chocolate Trifle

This is a hubby-created menu, mostly.  I added the Triple Chocolate Trifle as a pacifier for the beverage.  He had requested chocolate shake instead of milk, and alas, we have no ice cream in the freezer and I’m not about to head to the store for one ingredient.  Maybe if it was just down the street… but I can’t justify making a 10 minute trip (each way) for such a small part of the meal.  I e-mailed hubby and asked if he’d stop by the store on his way home, but I’d be willing to bet that he’ll decide not to!  It’s a long day when you work until 8:00, no matter what time you begin.

In case you’re wondering why my husband gets to choose every detail of the meal — it’s a Christmas present!  It’s actually the last of the bunch.  For Christmas 2008, before we were married (or even engaged, for that matter), I gave him the gift of food.  Once a month, he could pick out the menu, start to finish, and I’d make it and eat it without complaint or compromise (aside from this one tiny milkshake).  It’s month #11 (I’m a few days late for November), and I must say, I’m proud of my followthrough!  “Coupons” as gifts can be tricky.  I know I just “cashed in” a coupon for a show at the Performing Art Center – Paul gave it to me two years ago for Valentine’s Day!

I best go start the dinner now… I made the sauce last night, so it’s mostly assembly this evening.  The recipe made about a gallon of the meat sauce!  The husband will be in heaven.


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